Original Reporting and Analysis from the US-Mexico Border

Where the Border Talks Back

Tired of hearing about the “crisis-ridden” borderlands? No region is more talked about in the United States and less understood than the US-Mexico border. And the unfortunate thing is, the more the border features in our national political debates with the same tired talking points, the less we hear from actual border communities and are able to explore the powerful dynamics that shape the region.

The Border Chronicle would like to change that. We are Melissa del Bosque and Todd Miller and we’re both longtime journalists based in Tucson, Arizona, who have spent decades writing about border communities in Mexico and the United States. Cumulatively we have 40 years in the field reporting for media outlets from The New York Times to In These Times.

Every Tuesday and Thursday subscribers will receive original, on-the-ground reporting, analysis, and commentary from the borderlands. We’ll be doing some investigative reporting, short audio pieces, Q&As, reported pieces and more. The Border Chronicle is not just for residents of the border but for anyone who cares deeply about the state of the world.

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